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Last updated: Nov 13, 2018 - 1:33 AM

Many Events Taking Place this Weekend
Fri, 09 Nov 2018 20:04:00 -0700
There are many activities taking place this weeken...
Record Voting Turnout Causes Delay in Local Election
Fri, 09 Nov 2018 00:29:00 -0700
Local races are far from over in Flagstaff as the ... Read more...
Mixed Reaction over Parking Meters in Downtown Flagstaff
Thu, 08 Nov 2018 23:57:00 -0700
The parking meters located in downtown have been i... Read more...
Coconino County Election Results
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 22:21:00 -0700
Record numbers of midterm voters have been reporte...
Flagstaff Residents Gather to Watch Election Results
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 21:23:00 -0700
Flagstaff residents of the republican and democrat...
Arizona Voter Turnout 2018
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 20:34:00 -0700
Everyone likes to see a record be broken and this ... Read more...
Navajo Nation Presidential Results
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 20:27:00 -0700
Jonathan Nez has been elected as Tribal President ... Read more...
Navajo Nation Presidential Results
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 20:22:00 -0700
Jonathan Nez has been elected as Tribal President ... Read more...
State Election Results
Wed, 07 Nov 2018 20:17:00 -0700
Republications are largely in the lead for state w... Read more...
Voters Show Up for Election Day
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 20:25:00 -0700
All around the country a record number of people a... Read more...
Local Businesses Encourage Voting in Flagstaff
Tue, 06 Nov 2018 19:23:00 -0700
Local businesses have different approaches to enco...
Earthquake in Flagstaff
Mon, 05 Nov 2018 20:31:00 -0700
Many People local people in Flagstaff are comparin...
Last Minute Campaigning on NAU Campus
Mon, 05 Nov 2018 20:01:00 -0700
Voting is nothing to take lightly. On NAU's campus... Read more...
Winter Parking Regulations Return for the Season
Fri, 02 Nov 2018 07:07:00 -0700
With the winter soon approaching, flagstaff driver...
Last Day for Early Voting
Fri, 02 Nov 2018 07:04:00 -0700
With Election Day right around the corner, many pe... Read more...
Flagstaff Volcanoes Pose Moderate Threat
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 21:51:00 -0700
Flagstaff falls on the southern edge of the San Fr... Read more...
Local Dance Crew Competes In Red Bull Competition
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 21:36:00 -0700
Worldwide Dance Crew, a recently formed crew here ... Read more...
Local Author Publishes Book about Towing Wreckage of Fatal Accidents
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 07:49:00 -0700
Local author draws from his time as a tow truck dr... Read more...
Snow Making Approved for Alternative Snow Area
Thu, 01 Nov 2018 06:25:00 -0700
An alternative snow area for winter-time tourists ...
How will you be voting on Prop 420?
Wed, 31 Oct 2018 00:58:00 -0700
Proposition 420 if approved will increase sales ta...